• Step 1

      Disinfect your hands as well as the hands of your clients with the Pro Sceptic spray and dry off with a tissue.

    • Step 2

      Remove nail polish with ProNails Non Acetone Polish Remover and a cosmetic pad.

    • Step 3

      Apply ProNails Cuticle Remover on the cuticles. Whilst this product is soaking, file the nails into the desired shape with the ProNails Black Board Wood File. Keep the natural nail shape and the shape desired by the client in mind.

    • Step 4

      Push the cuticles backwards using the Pro Nails Cuticle Pusher (or optional: the Pro Nails Manicure Stick Wood, the Pro Nails Cobalt Cuticle Pusher or the Cuticle Cleaner).

    • Step 5

      Pour some lukewarm water into the Manicure Bowl Clear and add a drop of Pro Nature Lavender Jasmin Hand Soap. Let the client’s hand soak for a couple of minutes to soften the cuticles and dead skin before removal.

    • Step 6

      Apply Pro Nature Green Tea Hand Scrub with moist hands and massage the hands with circular movements to remove dead skin. Dry the hands with a towel or with the ProNails Hand Care Sponge.

    • Step 7

      Remove any hard skin around the nails with the Banana Cuti Stone.

    • Step 8

      Remove the released cuticle skin with the 3mm or 5mm Cobalt Cuticle Nipper Long Grip

    • Step 9

      Buff the nails with the Express Shine Buffer. First use the green side to even out any ridges and impurities. Then polish with the white side for a perfect natural shine

  • Step 10

    Apply ProNails Cuticle Food on the cuticles and gently massage into the cuticles. Follow with a relaxing massage with the Pro Nature Anti-Age Cream

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