• Step 1

    Disinfect your hands and your client’s feet with the ProNails Foot A’Septic Spray and let it dry in the air (evaporate).

  • Step 2

    Remove all nail polish with ProNails Non Acetone Polish Remover and a cosmetic pad.
    TIP: For customers who are looking for a more natural experience we recommend ProNails Lavender Polish Remover.

  • Step 3

    ProNails Foot Soak gives the skin a soft yet effective cleansing without dehydrating the skin. Mix 3 pumps of ProNails Foot Soak with 2 to 3 litres of lukewarm water in the ProNails Pedicure Bowl. Soak the client’s feet for for 5 to 7 minutes. For a luxurious pedicure use the ProNails Sensation Scrub and rinse with water.

  • Step 4

    Take one foot out of the bath. Support the heel gently in a way that is comfortable for your client. Dry the foot with a clean towel. Apply ProNails Cuticle Remover on the cuticle area of each toenail.

  • Step 5

    While the product is penetrating the skin, use the ProNails Nail Clippers to shorten the nails. File them into the right shape with the ProNails Clinifile Green. Always file toenails in a straight shape.
    TIP: For a more natural experience you can use ProNails Cuti-Treat Scrub & Strengthen. Rub it in and allow to soak.

  • Step 6

    Spray the ProNails Callus Off on callus and places with thickened skin. You can also use this product on the cuticles of the toes. It has a non-aggressive formula that does not need to be washed off after the treatment. Let it absorb into the skin for 2 minutes!

  • Step 7

    Push back the cuticles with the ProNails Cuticle Pusher (or the ProNails Manicure Stick Wood, the Cuticles Cobalt Cuticle Pusher or the ProNails Cuticle Cleaner).

  • Step 8

    Remove callus from the heels, ball of the foot or toes with the ProNails Magic Foot File. Do not remove the callus completely as it gives natural protection to the feet. Use the ProNails Magic Toe File to remove the hard to reach callus between the toes, without causing injury to the surrounding skin.

  • Step 9

    Apply ProNails Cuticle Food on the cuticles and massage it in. This cuticle serum is extremely hydrating and moisturising.
    TIP: For a more natural experience you can opt for the ProNails Tonic or ProNails Relax.

  • Step 10

    Apply ProNails Foot Care Massage Balm to the feet and legs for a relieving deep tissue massage. Each foam is for a specific skin problem a client may have: dry skin, cracked heels, dry skin prone to fungal infections or moist skin prone to fungal infections.
    TIP: ProNails Dry Foot Foam treats dry feet with callus. Handy and efficient for home use.


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